I share the knowledge I have so that you can be more efficient, confident, and productive in your workplace. The real challenge facing companies at the moment is increasing productivity for employees, whose jobs can’t be automated.

I am an independent contractor; A professional workshop¬†facilitator and public speaker. This allows me to keep prices reasonable while still making a living! Have a look at “The Payoff” for you and your company.

I have combined my passion for people and technology for the past 25 years and still love what I do. Living in Alberta has allowed me to work within many industries, Financial & Insurance Services (over ten years), Oil & Gas, Utilities, Refining, Transportation, Manufacturing, Provincial Gov’t, Accounting, Municipal Gov’t, Universities &¬†Colleges.

My career remains dynamic and interesting because I get to work with many diverse groups of people! Whether it is working with a team to get their inboxes to zero, coaching them on how to be a productivity ninja, working out twenty first century time management approaches, formalizing the best way to utilize their CRM system, seeing the light bulb come on when showing someone how to create formulas in Excel, or sharing tips on delivering a great PowerPoint presentation. What ever the productivity or efficiency improvement is…I always feel so good about sharing it and seeing positive change.

“Productivity growth has slowed since 2004, and nobody is sure why.” (The Power of Done)

One theory has been established to explain this statistic: companies have finally removed all the basic transactional processes that benefit from productivity stimulating technology. All that’s left are complicated and nuanced jobs requiring experience, expertise, interaction and collaboration – or personal judgement and knowledge.

Therefore, the real challenge facing companies at the moment is increasing productivity for these employees, whose jobs can’t be automated.


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Alberta Insurance Counsel, accredited, financial planning standards counsel