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Microsoft® Excel Essentials (level 1) (3.75 ce credits/hrs) Microsoft® Excel Proficiencies (level 2) 
(3.75 ce credits/hrs)
Regaining Control of Your Inbox and Being More Productive Using MS® Outlook
(3.75 ce credits/hrs)
Get Your Inbox to Zero
(3 ce credits/hrs)
Advanced Outlook® for Extreme Productivity
(3 ce credits/hrs)
Superior Presentations and Effective Communication Using MS® PowerPoint (3.75 ce credits/hrs)
Microsoft® Word Essentials (level 1) (3.75 ce credits/hrs) Microsoft® Word Proficiencies (level 2) (3.75 ce credits/hrs)

Time Management, Facilitation, Presentation and Communications  time icon  writing email icon  meeting handshake icon

Train the Trainer (6 hrs)  21st Century Time Management (5.5 ce credits/hrs)
Writing Effective Email (3.5 hrs) Time Management 101 (3.75  ce credits/hrs)
LinkedIn for Business Professionals (3.75 ce credits/hrs) Business Savvy – Meetings (3 hrs)
Effective Communications (3 hrs) Presentations – Speak with Confidence and Banish those Nerves (3 hrs)


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